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Cassava Flour processing line

  • The leader of  Cassava Flour Processing Machine supplier in China,we try to create a world believable brand . We specialize in Cassava Starch Production line manufacturering and exporting. We can provide many kinds of machine,including: Cassava Starch Washer ,Cassava Starch Crusher(national patent enjoyed) , Cassava Starch Filter , Cassava Starch Vacuum Drier ,Cassava Starch Hydro cyclones,Dehydration machine,Roller mill , Cassava Starch Drying System, Cassava Starch Automatic Packer etc.


    Normally the fresh cassava be processed into three kinds of flour: cassava starch ,cassava milling flour ,gari flour.

    Production process:

    The processing of cassava into high quality cassava flour involves peeling&washing,grating,fermenting ,de-water pressing,sifting,drying,re-milling,screening,packing and storage.

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    Main machines required:

                            Peeling &Cleaning section :

    The peeling and washing machines involve the following kinds machines normally according to the plant production capacity to choose the different machine .



    Grating  section


    grating is carried out by  means of different kinds of graters .it disintegrates the cassava issue and frees up the moisture,main machines involve in the following kinds:



    fermenting is very important for morden cassava flour industry ,during fermenting to remove some kinds a material in the crushed cassava slary and satisfy with the human taste of the  final cassava flour .

    De-water machine (Pressing )


    Pressing is principally a dewatering processing .GDW series press machine designed and manufactured by our company , vertical structure, cover small area ;open type press box design, convenient

    operation, around the box lined with corrosion resistant plastic or stainless steel orifice plate, pressure plate lining stainless steel, stainless steel tank and stainless steel tray

    installed on the bottom of the box ;Equipped with super trip protection, ensure use safety;Press adopts hydraulic drive, automatic pressure maintaining, high efficiency; all

    steel structure frame,high intensity, long service life.

    Structure :oil cylinder stand , vertical column ,pressure plate, squeezing basket , the thrust plate, oil cylinder , electro-hydraulic control box parts etc.


    Working principle :

    By using the principle of hydraulic and self-weight, nofilter chamber cavity, will directly press and squeeze the water under putting the material into the filter bag to further

    reduce the moisture content . 





     Air flash dryer(Drying system)

    The fully dryer adopt the air flash drying system.

    The flash dryer designed and manufactured by GOODWAY is not only suitable for all kinds of tubers starch drying, but also corn and wheat starch drying.

    The process configuration and technical parameter in the whole process is strictly controlled according to the scientific theory which ensures the high quality of the final product. The flash dryer is made of high grade stainless steel and thus is a perfect choice for customers.


    Provide high voltage or low voltage drying system, drying duct special design and low the height basing on the drying efficiency, easy installation and maintenance;

    Increase the heat efficiency by heat recycling system;

    Ensure the stability and accuracy of the water content of material after drying;

    Ensure the high quality of the final product with cooling system;

    Decrease the energy consumption by 50%.




    Milling and sifting 

    Milling by roller mill ,a kind of morden flour miller widely applicated in the flour industry ,according to the capacity to adopt the different roller mill ,meanwhile ,adopt the plansifter for screening ,the final flour mesh can be up to 130mesh and even more mesh to satisfied the high quality flour require.