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  • Description :

     Hydro cyclone technology is the result of cooperation with Henan Agriculture University based on most up to date domestic and foreign advanced company solid-liquid separation technology, For, separately, sweet potato, puerarin, cassava, potatoes, different properties of materials, set up the mathematical model, the specific rotation flow pipe design and combination, can complete separately the tasks of separating, washing, clarify, concentration, screening unit, etc..
    Hydrocyclone pipes equipped with process requirements, and pressure gauge, etc installed, combined together with hydrocyclone units. And the whole hydro cyclone station are one unit in the whole process, compare with laminated centrifuge, compact structure, convenient fix are advantages. What’s more, there is no no moving parts in the hydro cyclone body, so it is more durable, can ensure the continuity in the starch processing.
    Application :
    Used for automatic starch production line in washing, refined, clarify the process such as, separating out part of the protein, fine fiber and soluble impurities, improve the quality of starch.
    Replace the traditional starch processing of flow slots and sediment basins, improve the machining efficiency and relieve physical labor, improve the quality of starch.
    Used for liquid-liquid, solid-liquid separation, different combination can independently complete starch, modified starch, food, medicine, fermentation, chemical industry, etc. And complete tasks independently of separation, washing, clarification and concentration.
    Working principle 
    Under higher pressure, starch milk pump out through feed into the middle of the cylinder block mouth cavity, the pressure is 0.4-0.7 Mpa, starch milk flow into the vortex tube import, and along the vortex tube into the tangent of the vortex tube internal, in the vortex tube materials according to the various components of the helical make the rotary motion, produce centrifugal force when descending to the cone part of logistics, because of the various components of the relative density, Different diameters and different shapes cause different centrifugal power, the relative density of large components-starch get larger centrifugal force, along the spiral movement was thrown down the wall and cone wall exactly exit flow; And the relative density small protein and water get smaller centrifugal force, the spiral movement, down the resistance of the exit exactly formed the direction of rotation in inverse spiral eddy current on top exit runs, so as to achieve the purpose of the various components of the separation.
    Advantage :
    According to different raw material properties and customer requirements set up different material hydrocyclone station.
    Quick door open structure and unique top wire adjustor structure, make easy operation.
    For different raw material properties, select different structure of vortex tubes from different , National Patent, separate
    more thoroughly, vortex tube using high wear-resisting material manufacturing, and long service life.
    Disassembly type pipes connect easily and flexible, more convenient