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Press machine

  • Brief introduction :

    GDW series press machine designed and manufactured by our company , vertical structure, cover small area ;open type press box design, convenient operation, around the box lined with corrosion resistant plastic or stainless steel orifice plate, pressure plate lining stainless steel, stainless steel tank and stainless steel tray installed on the bottom of the box ;Equipped with super trip protection, ensure use safety;Press adopts hydraulic drive, automatic pressure maintaining, high efficiency; all steel structure frame,high intensity, long service life.

    Structure :oil cylinder stand , vertical column , pressure plate, squeezing basket , the thrust plate, oil cylinder , electro-hydraulic control box parts etc.

    Working principle :

    By using the principle of hydraulic and self-weight, no filter chamber cavity, will directly press and squeeze the water under putting the material into the filter bag to further reduce the moisture content .