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curved mesh extrusion pulverizing machine

  • It is applied to extract starch of sweet potato, potato, cassava, Canna edulis Ker, and kudzu root. 

    【Equipment Overview】:

      The curved mesh extrusion pulverizing machine is specially designed by Goodway Company from dozens of years of practices and on basis of integrating domestic and abroad processing equipments and technology, combining the traditional technology, learning from others’ strong points to offset its own weakness. It is also a product on which our company spent the most labor force and costs as well as the longest time. The fact proves that all of what we have done is worthwhile, because the equipment wins trust of the users with its outstanding performance and brings forth a revolution of potatoes processing industry. In 2000, the equipment passed appraisal of experts and was proved that it reached leading level in domestic market, and won the second prize of science and technology achievements as well as a plurality of national patents. In 2004, the equipment passed popularizing appraisal of the Ministry of Agriculture, and became the only enterprise which passed the authentication of the Ministry of Agriculture in the same sector. In 2007, the curved mesh extrusion pulverizing machine, through decade’s generations of upgrading, showed up in the market with a whole new image, which was an overall surpassing and perfect upgrading of the traditional pulverizing machine.  Since it was put into market, a lot of Medias all around China made report and praised its excellent performance. However, we are still cautiously and conscientiously working on it, we carefully handle each circle and each working procedure, and we put suggestions from our customer into the manufacturing to make them healthily grow up along with our excellent service.

    【Structural Features】:

     The curved mesh extrusion pulverizing machine integrates the functions of pulverizing of fresh potatoes, separating liquid and dregs, and fine particles filtering, and has the following distinguishing and unique features.   

     -- Due to adopting unique processing technology of multi-pulverizing, multi- elutriation, multi-filtering, and multi-extrusion, the starch extracting ratio is high.   

     -- The pulverizing system adopts 2-3 levels of pulverizing. The first level of pulverizing adopts our company’s patent technology-barbed nail roller to make shredding and pulverizing, the fresh potatoes are broken into irregular flakes through sharp nails on the hi-speed revolving nail roller, the surface area of same volume is increased, which is beneficial to dissociation of starch, and the fine dregs are less, hence is helpful for starch extracting (the flakes formed by shredding machine do not damage the structure of starch, the filter mesh holes are not easily to be blocked, so the shape is better than the particle of hammer flake or sand wheel ground flake).In order to further improve the fineness of the potato dregs and improve extracting rate of the starch, the equipment adopts sorting-type pulverizing under the condition of without adding power, and re-pulverize the particles that do not meet requirements so as to ensure the material to be thin and uniform.        

     The 10th generation product pays more attention to fineness of the pulverizing and updated the following aspects:

     Two level pulverizing is more scientific. The 1st level adopts rasp-type pulverizing, the 2nd level adopts hammer-type pulverizing, and the combination of the two levels sufficiently makes up their individual defects.

     Sorting-type pulverizing principle is adopted. The second pulverizing is carried out only for the material failing to meet requirement, and no pulverizing is necessary for the material meeting requirement, hence it saves power, improves efficiency, and ensured uniformity of the material.  

     Screening and pulverizing is combined. The material after preliminary grinding will be screened to eliminate most part of starch and viscous substances, which is able to decrease viscosity of the material, reduce retardation of the material while performing the second pulverizing, and further lower down the integral energy consumption. 


    The separating system adopts principle of fully elutriating, staged filtering, and multi-stage extrusion to overcome the defect that one time filtering is hard to filter thoroughly. Especially the separating system adopts the technology of pulverizing-filtering-pulverizing-elutriating-filtering-squeezing, circulating in multiple stages and in sequence, which overcomes the defect that the purely elutriating-filtering without squeezing is not able to thoroughly extract starch and greatly improves starch extracting efficiency. (This is similar to washing clothes. In order to wash the clothes cleaner, we normally follow the procedure of kneading-wringing-kneading). The following figure illustrates more clearly.


     A  is the filtering rate of starch which is only elutriated and filtered for 10 minutes; 

     B  is the filtering rate of starch which is filtered in three times within 10 minutes but is not squeezed;

     C  is the filtering rate of starch which goes through sequential recycling of multi-stage elutriating and filtering and multi-stage extrusion within 10 minutes. 

     The application of squeezing technology is not only capable of squeezing starch and water from the potato dregs and improving filtering rate of starch, but also capable of making the dregs squeeze into cake shape which contains little water (unnecessary to add potato dregs dehydration procedure) and facilitates treatment of the next step.    

    Highly efficient operation of pulverizing and multi-stage separation shortens time of contact of starch and oxygen, prevents starch from browning due to oxidation, and enables starch to have white color and good quality, hence the starch is used to make vermicelli which will be crystal and transparent with enhanced tenacity.

    Model Production capacity Motor power WEIGHT Dimensions (m)
    GD-Q-660 4T/H 7.5 Kw 0.9T 3×0.9×1.4
    GD-Q-900 6T/H 10.5 Kw 1.1T 3×1.1×1.5
    GD-Q-10-660 5T/H 15 Kw 1.2T 4.3×1.1×1.4
    GD-Q-10-900 8T/H 20 Kw 1.3T 4.3×1.4×1.5
    【Advantages of the Equipment】:
    The starch extracting yield is high. The 10th generation pays more attention to starch extracting yield, and makes upgrading on various aspects including pulverizing and separating, which enables starch and fiber to be fully separated and improves the extracting yield.   
     Starch gets better quality. The unique pulverizing mode may effectively prevent the starch from burning due to instant high temperature in pulverizing; the rapid separation technology prevents the starch from browning due to oxidation, so the quality of the starch (such as whiteness and viscosity) is greatly improved in comparison with the traditional technological equipment.   
     Automation degree is high. The equipment integrates cleaning, pulverizing, separating of dregs, coarse filtration, fine filtration, potato dregs compressing into one body, hence it is capable of operating with high efficiency, and greatly improving processing efficiency and abating labor work.    
     The equipment is energy-efficient with less labor cost. The series equipments have novel design and unique concept. With hourly production capacity of processing 6-8 tons fresh potatoes, each ton of potatoes only consume 4kW electricity, and need 3-5 labors.  
     Compact structure takes small space. The whole equipment integrates cleaning, pulverizing and separation into one body, especially the multi-stage pulverizing, multi-stage elutriating, multi-stage filtering, and multi-stage extrusion share one frame, the driving mechanism is reasonably configured, the system layout is compact and simple, which saves space and facilitates operation and maintenance.    
    The operation is table and long time operation is highly reliable. Except for the pulverizing system of the equipment, most of the parts operate with low speed. The durability and reliability of the equipment have been given high attention in the course of manufacturing to ensure stable operation for a long time.